May 6, 2011

The Easter Booze Market photo diary

Το πασχαλινό Booze Market έγινε...
Μοιραζόμαστε μαζί μας κάποιες φωτογραφίες, σε λίγο έρχονται και άλλες.

More photos from Easter Booze Market

3forArt - fun stuff 
 Eleni Aroni, Acrobat enjoying the company of a friend

Athina Antypa's delicious pies, houmous and vegetable pates

Craftart - mosaics here mosaics there

the Kotes room

colour meets colour - Haroula in the island meets Yota 

kids having fun, regardless of the weather...

Korina's funky animals

Elena Kyriakarakou's nuno felting scarves - beautiful!

Lia's landscapes by the window

Mania's ear rings - easter eggs with style!

Maria's strangest easter eggs!

Muffins & More chef's assistant (& brother)

delicious all...

 for kids

and for adults!

Spanaki, yes!

a composition in Eleftheria's corner

psiiit jewellery, always with style

Pandora's box has opened... by Aspa

Sakis great design was a real hit - notebooks,

prints on wood,

more notebooks

and rings

Topalidou's friendly birds

the rightful Yoki tshirts - the right atittude!

and a beer to cool down, relax, enjoy...